Rewriting is hard

I’ve had people ask me for advice on rewriting and, honestly, I don’t know what advice to give. I guess I’ll just explain my experience of it thus far, as that’s all I can do at this stage since I’m only part way through my first ever full rewrite myself. What I will say from … Continue reading Rewriting is hard


The Wound—Because Damaged People Make the BEST Stories

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Many emerging writers come to me when they find they are struggling with their WIP. I always begin with the same question, “What is your story about?” Often, I get this response, “Well, my story isn’t plot-driven. It is a character-driven story.”


I have no plot…and please stop asking me because it makes me want to drink heavily.

There really is no such thing as a purely character-driven story. Character and plot are like two keyed cogs. One drives the other. The plot pushes the protagonist to grow and as the character grows, this in turn drives the plot.

For instance, in The Lord of the Rings the plot problem (Toss evil ring in a volcano before power-hungry necromancer takes over Middle Earth) is what forces the Hobbits to leave The Shire. Ah, but once they leave, how they respond to escalating threats determines plot.

For instance, they…

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Agonising over Antagonists: Part One

Antagonists are the core of any story. They are the ones who set the inciting incident into motion. They are the ones providing resistance and conflict in the protagonist’s life. It is essential to understand our antagonist to understand our story, because it will fundamentally be the antagonist’s and our protagonist’s goals opposing that will … Continue reading Agonising over Antagonists: Part One